Weapons, optical systems and ammunition

Deliveries of weapons and weapon systems from assorted manufacturers and for assorted types of war land and aeronautical technology. Different calibres ammunitions, starting from sub-calibre 5.56mm up to 122mm calibre ammunition. Also, we deliver optical systems for assorted small arms and war machinery.

LG Design | Defense Company supplies assorted weapons and weapon systems. We deal in small weapons as well as with weapon systems for armoured land vehicles and also for certain types of Russian-made helicopters. Primarily, we supply assorted types of sub-machine guns, machine guns, mortars, grenade launchers (RPG-75) and sniper and assault rifles.

In addition, we deliver assorted calibre 5.56mm to calibre 122mm ammunition. We deal also in optical systems and night vision systems for small arms and war machinery.

The portfolio is comprised mainly of AK-47, Vzor 58, Dragunov, RPG-75 (complete set) and like weapons.

Helicopters Armour protected land vehicles Engines and spare parts