In 2015, LG Design | Defense Company initiated a close cooperation with an aircraft repair and overhaul company. This cooperation has opened the door to the possibility for supplying partners anywhere in the world with certified spare parts or whole units for both civilian and military helicopters primarily of Russian origin. As a matter of primary interest, LG Design | Defense Company focuses on large aircraft repair firms within the EMEA area to whom it supplies spare parts for assorted modifications of Mil-Mi-2 and Mi-8/17 for both civilian and military purposes. Also, we are able to deliver spare parts for Mil Mi-24/35 military helicopters. Our services have been relied on by partners such as AAL Group Ltd (the United Arab Emirates), AVIABALTIKA Aviation Ltd. (Lithuania), LOM PRAHA s.p. (Czech Republic) or Letecké opravovne Trenčín, a.s. (Slovak Republic).

Aircraft inventory

 Military helicopters
Spare Parts
and Technical Inspections

In the aeronautical sector, LG Design | Defense Company specializes mainly in deliveries of spare parts and sets for assorted modifications of Russian-made Mil Mi-2, Mi-8/17 helicopters, as well as those for purely military Mi-24/25 versions. The spare parts and sets supplied by our Company have been manufactured by certified manufacturers and are accompanied with their original technical documentation, if delivered as either newly manufactured or overhauled.

In cooperation with international partners, the Company can make arrangements also for pre-overhaul technical inspections of helicopters (i.e. to evaluate their actual technical condition) concluded by preparation of a detailed technical report.

If clients are interested, we can also arrange for training of both air and technical crews at a professional training centre featuring also Mil Mi-8/17 type helicopter simulators.

Commercial helicopters
Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

We cooperate with a repair firm to broker and arrange for certified overhauls of airframes and individual sets in the European Union. In addition to overhauls, we can also arrange for comprehensive repairs of heavily damaged helicopters and also repairs of helicopters damaged while deployed in war zones.

For Mi-8/17 helicopters, we can provide modernisation of helicopter cockpits and airframes and deliver and install weapon systems.

Armour protected land vehicles Weapons, optical systems and ammunition Engines and spare parts