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Deliveries of spare parts mainly for assorted Russian-made Mil Mi-2 and assorted modifications of Mi-8/17 helicopters. Brokerage of certified overhaul services for airframes and sets. Making arrangements for the modernizing of systems and installing weapon systems.

Armour protected land vehicles

Deliveries of entire units of, and spare parts for original Soviet or Czechoslovak armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, engineering vehicles and tanks.

Weapons, optical systems and ammunition

Deliveries of weapons and weapon systems from assorted manufacturers and for assorted types of war land and aeronautical technology.

Engines and spare parts

LG Design | Defense Company specializes mainly in supplying UTD-20, UTD-29, V-46-6, V-55 and the associated spare parts for armour protected land vehicles and tanks.

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LG Design | Defense Company is a boutique family firm engaged mainly in trading in defense industry products and dual use products. The Company, although domiciled in the European Union, is doing business globally. However, we primarily deliver services and products in the EMEA Region. The Company has been present in the market for almost two decades. Our experience in the defense industry sector are more than comparable to those of our competitors. In the region, LG Design | Defense Company is one of the key suppliers and partners of repair firms active in the defense industry sector.

LG Design | Defense Company holds a security clearance granted by the National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic and a defense industry trading licence granted by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. The Company has been certified against ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Annual turnover of the firm and its Affiliates exceeds EUR 1.5 million each year. The cumulative value of the goods and services delivered during the last three years exceeds 4 million euros.

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