Who we are

The Company

LG Design | Defense Company is a boutique family firm engaged mainly in trading in defense industry products and dual use products. The Company, although domiciled in the European Union, is doing business globally. However, we primarily deliver services and products in the EMEA Region. The Company has been present in the market for almost two decades. Our experience in the defense industry sector are more than comparable to those of our competitors. In the region, LG Design | Defense Company is one of the key suppliers and partners of repair firms active in the defense industry sector.

LG Design | Defense Company holds a security clearance granted by the National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic and a defense industry trading licence granted by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. The Company has been certified against ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Annual turnover of the firm and its Affiliates exceeds EUR 1.5 million each year. The cumulative value of the goods and services delivered during the last three years exceeds 4 million euros.

Principal areas of the Company's orientation include sales of armour protected tracked and wheeled vehicles and spare parts. In addition, we provide repairs and maintenance of individual spare parts. The Company possesses an extensive experience in sales of engines, assorted sets and spare parts for those vehicles. Also, we purchase and sell aeronautical products, focusing mainly on Russian helicopters and the associated spare parts. Last but not least, we deal in also weapons and ammunition.

LG Design | Defense Company has an extensive experience in comprehensive preparation and execution of transactions. The Company provides to its clients unique legal and commercial counselling and the logistics associated with dealing in defense industry products in the EMEA Region. Foreign corporations are offered consultancy services to assist them in entry in the defense industry products market in the Central Europe.


Registered Office:
Bratislava, Slovak Republic, EU

Company's Customers
LG Design | Defense Company is doing business primarily in the EMEA Region. Its key business partners include firms and corporations from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania, in particular repair firms to whom we deliver both products and services. In addition, we deliver solutions to complex business transactions in the defense industry sector and logistics solutions to business partners anywhere in the world.

Company's Turnover
Cumulative turnover for 2016 - 2020: EUR 7.99 million
Aggregate sales of goods for 2016 - 2020: over EUR 5 million

Company's mission, vision and values

It is our mission to deliver high quality services to our clients located anywhere in the world, while focusing on a specific segment, i.e. trading in both defense and aeronautical products. Our passion for trading and long-time experience allow us provide our customers with above-standard services anywhere around the globe.

We strive for long-term relationships with our clients with whom we combine efforts in order to achieve the desired goals. At the same time, we focus on an on-going enhancement of the quality of our services, while abiding by the moral and ethical values our Company follows without any compromise.

Today, it is more important than ever to maintain peace and stability in the world; consequently, our services are offered solely to partners and countries where respecting human rights is an inherent part of their culture and where life is protected as the most valuable of all assets. We approach each and every transaction with utmost sincerity, and each and every transaction is preceded by a stringent due diligence process in order to prevent any misuse of the goods and services delivered by our Company.

We believe that we help ensure a secure future and that we make the world a safer place.

Corporate responsibility

When doing business, LG Design | Defense Company always stresses the immense importance of the principles of morality, and the Company expects its business partners to abide by the same policies.

Any and all business operations within the Company are carried out in a manner ensuring that the purposes and objectives of international treaties, conventions and legal regulations regulating trade in defense industry as well as dual-use materials be kept in mind. LG Design | Defense Company does not, and will not tolerate any illegal, corrupt, unethical, or immoral conduct of its employees, internal or external members of executive and representative bodies, shareholders, agents, consultants, suppliers, customers or brokers. The Company will evaluate any such conduct and will immediately notify the outcome to competent authorities, should the circumstances so require.

When delivering its services and products, the Company always places quality, safety, and responsibility in relation to the protection of life, health and environment as its utmost priorities. The ethical and moral values LG Design | Defense Company advocates always prevail over any business activities.


LG Design | Defense Company carries out its defense industry materials trading business under a licence granted by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. Also, the Company and its directors have obtained a security clearance from the National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic allowing them to obtain and use confidential information. In addition, Design | Defense Company has been certificated against ISO 9001 quality standard.