Engines and spare parts

LG design | Defense Company supplies a broad range of engines, sets and spare parts for armour protected land vehicles. In this field, the Company is among those that are well established in the EMEA Region. Our portfolio includes in particular D6, D12, V2 and V6, as well as UTD-20, UTD-29, V-46-6, V-55, V-84 or TE 2T 1050 type engines.

Nonetheless, the Company specializes also in older and less often used A-650 type engines. Apart from engines for military vehicles, we specialize also in supplying engines and spare parts for civilian vehicles, such as YMZ and other types of engines.

In addition to engines for armour protected land vehicles, LG Design | Defense Company supplies also oil and water pumps, turbochargers, fuel injection pumps. As additional items, we supply also oils and water coolers, dynamos, alternators, shock absorbers (rocker arms).

We also supply other items for both wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles, such as drive and free rolling wheels, tracks, mudguards, gear boxes, clutches and other parts our customers may need.

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