Armour protected land vehicles

LG Design | Defense Company has many years of experience in trading in whole units as well as spare parts for original Soviet or Czechoslovak wheeled or tracked armoured land vehicles and tanks. Thanks to an extensive network of partners built in the past, we can provide our clients with any spare parts for OT-64, BRDM-2 and MT-LB armoured personnel carriers. We also specialize in deliveries of either spare parts for, or entire units of infantry fighting vehicles, including the older BMP-1, BMP-2 or newer BMP-3 types. For certain clients, we can also secure spare parts for older war machinery, such as ATS-59.

The Company has years long experience also in deliveries of spare parts for USSR-made T-55, T-72 (modernised version T-72 M1) as well as T-80 main battle tanks, or PT-76, BTR-50, BTR-70, or more recent BTR-80 amphibious armoured personnel carriers. Despite their earlier manufacture dates, these tanks undergo modernising and are still in use and are still an essential part of the military equipment in a number of EMEA countries. The portfolio includes also BM-21 GRAD type rocket launchers, 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzers and 152mm 2S3 Akatsiya self-propelled guns. In addition, the portfolio comprises also self-propelled radar equipped ZSU-23-4 Shilka anti-aircraft system.

In addition to battle vehicles, we specialize also in engineering vehicles, such T-72-based BREM extrication machinery, or BMP, VT-72 and VT-55 tracked PTS floating carriers, tracked or wheeled bridgelayers, PP-91 pontoon bridges and their modifications for assorted supporting activities and for the use during relief works in the case of natural disasters.

LG Design | Defense Company supplies assorted weapons and weapon systems. We deal in small weapons as well as with weapon systems for armoured land vehicles and also for certain types of Russian-made helicopters. Primarily, we supply assorted types of sub-machine guns, machine guns, mortars, grenade launchers (RPG-75) and sniper and assault rifles.

In addition, we deliver assorted calibre 5.56mm to calibre 122mm ammunition. We deal also in optical systems and night vision systems for small arms and war machinery.

The portfolio is comprised mainly of AK-47, Vzor 58, Dragunov, RPG-75 (complete set) and like weapons.

Helicopters Weapons, optical systems and ammunition Engines and spare parts